Welcome to Blaze

Leadership and technology transformation that creates organizational inflection

Organizational Transformation

Blaze brings Big Data, Big Data management and organizational transformation tools to high growth companies. Companies that are unable to take advantage of the explosion of Big Data are increasingly at a competitive disadvantage. Finding opportunity in this rapidly changing world often requires significant shifts not only in the company’s technology infrastructure but also in the skills and behaviors of the company’s leadership team. Blaze seeks to help companies solve this problem by providing the knowledge, experience, kernel technology and guidance required to transform themselves, remain competitive and achieve a whole new level of market excellence.

SkyLync™ Big Data

BLAZE advances the state of “applied Big Data science” by directly enabling unique application-solutions which intensely use Big Data; and by assisting client enterprises in developing their own Big Data application-solutions. BLAZE assists these client enterprises by performing knowledge and technology transfers which train the client enterprise on how to incorporate Big Data into their own offerings ─and in select cases use BLAZE proprietary technology (SkyLync™) to enable quick adoption and fast go-to-market.

Leadership Circles

Leadership Circles™ (LC) is a set of specific organizational actions designed to discover and sponsor ‘emergent leaders’ within the organization, and have them become enabling agents for transformation & dramatic enterprise success.

Specific organizational actions:

  • Integration of leadership development with enterprise operations thru LC 4-Step Model
  • Achievement of transformative enterprise objectives through Task Team Maps
  • Creation of a performance-based Enterprise DNA through the Enterprise DNA Molecule